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Did you managed to see Laura Edgar's recent exhibition in our Whitley Bay shop? We were treated to some amazing textile art depicting North East scenes. Laura very much explores the changing textures and fluidity of movement in her work and it's a joy to behold. If you missed the exhibition we do still have some her cards and prints in our Whitley Bay shop and she will be exhibiting in our Corbridge shop (dates tbc).

Whilst hosting Laura's exhibition we were thrilled to also host one of her workshops. With the iconic Whitley Bay Dome as our inspiration, we aimed to create whimsical textile collages. Using fabric and stitch as paint; we manipulated vintage fabrics / recycled clothing and used hand embroidery techniques to create collage pictures. And what a glorious time we had. Laura arrived with so many gorgeous pieces of fabric and told us stories about where they had come from and how she had weaved them into her work.

Laura is a fabulous teacher, and we all found her instructions easy to follow meaning we were able to manipulate the fabric we were given / chose quickly into a fabulous reworking of the Spanish City. Lucy was particularly please to finally master French knots and learn fly stitch in a very relaxed, supportive environment. Laura was a pleasure to work with and we'd definitely recommend her workshops. I think it might have been the most relaxed Lucy has been in a long time as she switched off and concentrated totally on the textile art in front of her!

It's been an absolute joy to host Laura's exhibition in the shop and people have come from far and wide to view it. Indeed we had two lovely ladies from an embroiderer's guild who had come all the way from North Yorkshire to see Laura's work. Her reputation proceeds her and she is a true North East Creative.

We’ve been so lucky to host some fabulous workshops and classes over the past few months and the trend continued with Jessica Kinnersley’s “Altered Tins” workshop. Jess has recently based herself within that wonderfully creative hub that is the Hearth in the village of Horsley just a few miles west of Newcastle but surrounded by beautiful countryside. It’s home to a few of the FTLOTN family of creatives we work with and we were so delighted that Jess agreed to hosting a workshop in our Whitley Bay shop.

It’s a beautiful concept the idea of Altered Tins. Jess had trawled the stalls of Tynemouth market to obtain the tins for the workshop and they themselves are beautiful objects. You can’t but think about their history as the labels printed on them tell you so much about the period in which they were made and imagining the people who owned them in the first place. They fall very much under the label of “Paul Paraphernalia”. 

For this workshop Jess had brought her own paraphernalia of goodies that would form the beautiful altered tins the group would be creating this evening. Being in our shop in the heart of wonderful Whitley Bay it seemed only fitting that the subject reflected the location and for this Jess had brought something very close to her own heart. The tins were to be created using some of her Grandad’s photos of St Mary’s Lighthouse which was a lovely touch. The photos were printed onto fabric as our starting point and from there we experimented adding snippets of fabric and stitches as well as quotes from favourite books such as Wuthering Heights. One of the things we adore about the workshops is seeing how differently everyone's work turned out despite such similar starting points and soon a variety of tins were starting to take shape.

Again, Lucy was thrilled to be able to produce her own tin and to add in some of the skills from Laura Edgar's workshop the previous week. She will be an expert in French knots soon! Both Laura and Jess are excellent teachers, so much so that you really are able to switch off from everything else and just get into your creative zone. The shop provides a creative, cosy back drop to the evenings proceedings and helps to inspire those creative juices.

As you know we both love what we do and are very proud to work with over 60 different North East creatives in the shop. To be able to host workshops and have a sneak peak into the creative process feels like a real privilege. The fact that we've got our own piece of art work to take away at the end is an absolute added bonus.

Both Laura and Jess will be hosting further workshops in the shop and we really do recommend them both.

Laura will be using the waves of the North Sea as inspiration and we will create atmospheric textile collages. Using fabric and stitch as paint; we will manipulate vintage fabrics / recycled clothing and use hand embroidery techniques to create impressionistic pictures; focusing on movement, light, texture and colour. Anyone who saw Laura's recent exhibition and her fabulous Waves will be excited to learn how to produce some of the techniques she used and to complete their own piece inspired by our wonderful coastline. More details about the workshop can be found here.

Jess will be running her next workshop over two evenings, to create a stitched landscape piece. Using an old postcard image of The Spanish City, printed onto cotton, we will be looking at creating texture and exploring colour to create suggestions of grass, sand and sea. Jess will guide you through layout, composition and using some basic hand embroidery will show you ways to suggest texture and add surface decoration to your piece. More details about the workshop can be found here.

What's on at FTLOTN:

Our next monthly Macmillan Coffee Morning will take place on Friday 31st May from 10:00 - 12:00

Jessica Kinnersley Textiles workshop 'Memories of the Dome: The Spanish City will take place on Thursday 27th June and Thursday 4th July 18:00 - 20:00

Laura Edgar's workshop 'North Sea Wave' will take place on Thursday July 18th from 18:00 - 20:30

Our Corbridge shop will hopefully open in May. Keep watch on social media to get more updates.

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